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About Us

Our company is a professional research and development production of micro motor, one of the weapon department fixed-point enterprise. Chang Hua brand hybrid stepper motor, Chang Hua brand hybrid stepper motor, the use of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet and high temperature permanent magnet manufacturing, product specifications covering the range of 25-130. It has the characteristics of low temperature rise and high reliability, Since it has good internal damping characteristics, thus smooth operation and has no obvious congestion area. To meet the demand for use in a particular environment.

With the market development of stepper motor drive system, The disadvantages of the traditional stepping motor, such as the low speed crawl, the resonance area, the loud noise, the low speed torque, the low starting frequency and the poor reliability of the driver are solved. AC servo motor with some operating characteristics, its operating results can be comparable with imported products.

A few bumpy, trials and hardships. Changzhou Changhua Motor Co. Ltd. was established in 1977, after more than 34 years, During this period we are dedicated in Research and development, manufacture and production of various types of micro motor. In order to promote the national economic prosperity, contributed to promote the development of micro motor industry. Since its inception, Changhua motor has experienced from scratch, from small to large, hard development from weak to strong, now has become a designated enterprise micro motor weapons department with domestic scale, strong strength, galaxy of talents, excellent equipment, Product variety.

Our company currently employs more than and 100 people, including professional and technical personnel of 28 people. According to our company's long-term planning and strategic objectives of "transformation and upgrading", We are gradually set to open, flow, competition and cooperation "as the foundation of talent cultivation, use and implementation of incentive system, staff can be hired, promoted or demoted, post treatment can lower energy, fully mobilize staff enthusiasm and creativity, promote the whole company staff structure adjustment, optimization of human resources allocation the talents, promote the talent shows itself the sustained and healthy development of enterprises.

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